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1. The Journal of Academic Ethics: Theory and Practice has started to accepte articles.

2. Our association has initiated studies to develop an accreditation system for universities on ethics (Academic Ethics Accreditation System). Please contact us to participate in the studies.

3. A workshop will be held in Eskisehir on April 11, 2020, hostedby Anadolu University, in order to develop Professional Ethics principles for special education teachers. Note: The workshop will be held at a later date due to the virus outbreak.

4. Our association will publish a complation book titled "Violations of Ethics in the Academy: Cases Experienced". Please click to see the details about the book and to write a chapter for the book.

5. We would like to thank all healthcare professionals who fight the corona virus. We remember our nurses with gratitude. We would like to show that we support them.

6. "The most successful article of 2020 on ethics" will be awarded. Please click for the announcement.

7. We have started the work to determine ethical principles for trademen. You can send your suggestions to us. 

8. Our association have prepared a Solution Proposal Report -1 for Ethical Problems Experienced in Universities and presented it to YÖK, ÜAK, YÖKAK, KGEK, University Rectorate and academicians. Please click to reach the report.

9. The ethics report will be published periodically.By sending your suggestions to our association, you can ensure that your opinions are included in the report.

10. Our association has published the book of ethical principles for special education teachers.

11. The draft trades ethics principles were formed by the organizing committee of 5 people taking the opinions of 108 academicians. We kindly ask you to send us your opinions about the principles until 24:00 on October 28th.The final version of the tradesmen ethical principles will be announced to the public on October 30th. Please click to reach the draft principles.



1. To be honest, reliable, and faithful to their word

2. To be kind, patient, and tolerant

3. To be open handed but to avoid waste

4. Not to discriminate 

5. To pay attention to public health, safety and hygiene

6. To value the customer; to do justice to customers and to provide their satisfaction

7. To respect the rights of employees and support their development

8. To respect the rights of partners

9. To protect the rights of other tradesmen and craftsmen and to develop good relations with them

10. To be respectful and loyal to their masters

11. To provide economic and social opportunities for disadvantaged individuals

12. To protect the environment and living things; to support activities for their protection

13. To avoid deceitful prices and promotional practices

14. To be open to innovations and developments related to the profession

15. To fulfill legal responsibilities